Middle East News

fallujah violenceRecently in Baghdad near Fallujah the Iraq forces that have been trained by the US military were involved in a violent gun fight with militants. They wanted to reclaim encalves in and around the area of Fallujah town which is currently a strong hold of the militant people resisting the American occuption. This was all an operation in preparing the area for a larger operation later on. Unfortunately, eleven people were reported as killed.

Earlier on in January of 2014 the militants captured the area back from the current government.

This main purpose of this operation was to erradicate a powerful group that has taken over the area. They are a band of extremist jihadists. They actually go by the name of the ISIL which stands for the Islam States of Iraqi and the greater Levantine areas.

After the operation was began there was a senior officer that was interviewed regarding the problem and asked for updates as to what is happening on the ground. He said that it will be an ongoing operation moving forward over the coming weeks. It sounded as if they would just keep on pressing on the group until the area is recapture. It is set to be a long bloody battle given that 11 lives have already been claimed in the fight.

It is planned that it will escalate to a full blown assault in the coming weeks. However, the senior officer was not specific as to when it would take place only that there would probably be an assault taking place at the end as a way of capturing the place.

As the Americans found out many a time, actually mounting an assault on Fallujah itself would be a very difficult task. The area is very dense. Mounting a huge operation brings with it the risk of civilian casualties not to mention large scale damage to dwellings there.

Also, a tribal person was interviewed about the operation. He reported that the fighting started at three in the morning during Friday morning and it kept going on for a long time. Hours in fact.

According to one of the doctors down at the local hospital there were 8 people killed and another 9 seriously wounded in the operation.

Sadly the people that were killed and hurt in the battle were not actually necessarily people doing the fighting itself. Two were young children and another 2 of the hurt were also kids.

There has been ongoing conflict since the Americans arrived in 2003. After they left Iraq in 2011 it has only continued. In december a protest near the border of Syria was broken up. Following that, the militants flexed their muscles by taking over that area as well as Fallujah. In addition, there was a bomb that exploded on a road side location last Friday too. All this violence has been escalating at the same time as elections that were being held at the end of April. These elections concern who is controlling the country. Therefore, the militants would not be pleased about them taking place given they are supporters of the previous regime that the US forced out with their own hands.

obama and egyptMr Obama has recently come out and said he would be choosing two new people for key posts in both Egypt and Iraq as people to represent the US in those countries. He said the main criteria is that they would have extensive experience in doing such work in the middle east.

Mr Beecroft is one such nominee. He held posts over in the land of Baghdad back in 2012 on wards. He has just been chosen for the Egypt assignment which he hopes he will be able to fulfill to the best of his ability. This has really become a much tougher position in recent years. This is especially since Egypt has changed hands and support for the US backed leaderships there have lost a massive amount of support amongst the citizens of the country who have become much more militant in their resistance efforts.

There is major concern about how the US is losing its grip on the region. Interestingly, this is largely due to the hard core resistance of the orinary citizens that live there. Also, the US government is becoming increasingly worried about the violence that continues to ramp up in Iraq. In fact, the violence happening there now is apparently increasing to levels that had not been experienced since only soon after the US invaded back in the year of ’03.

The US senate and congressional group not sure whether to use aid to influence Egypt

Each year the US gives aid to egypt to support its military apparatus. However, they are now considering scaling that down should the Egyptians not be able to get their act together and form a new government soon.

Basically, this funding has developed a question mark since there has been no clear body that can guarantee the security of the country. Last week there was apparently a military take over of the country back from the muslim brotherhood. However, it seems that violence could well continue into the future as the latter seem to be fairly strong actually.

The muslim brotherhood had been fairly elected last year. Recently, the military decided just to overthrow them. The question now is whether or not this can be considered a coup. It is against US law to provide support and aid to a group that has come to power through coup. The white houses conclusion as to where to go next is indeed complicated. At the moment they are using one and a half billion dollars of US taxpayer money.In addition, if it was a coup it is illegal according to US law. However, ultimately the US really needs the Egyptian country to be secure and an ally of the US administration.